Traveling Jazz Festival – Penang Malaysia

Penang International Jazz Festival

Penang Island Jazz Festival will be held at Batu Ferringhi in December. Artistes from jazz and other genre bands will use this as platform to promote their talents.

335404701b4267d51c76fd3420955Festival Story:

The initial Penang Island Jazz Festival that began in 2004 has observed a steady growth with the decades. From a 2 day/1 phase function along with performances on 1 Main Stage, to 5 Fringe Stages, 1 Sundown Stage and several supporting activities. The Annual Music Festival has served to establish typically the Festival like a highly anticipated function within the Region attracting a big cross-section potential customers from walks of existence from all more than Malaysia and also the Asia Pacific Region.

The Penang Island Jazz Festival will once again rock major venues in Batu Ferringhi for the widely anticipated annual jazz festival featuring a slew of homegrown and international jazz acts. With the main stage of the festivaleb5f326c18aa66fa0d19f6137ec0e held at Bayview Beach Resort, this year’s frantic weekend will consists of Jazz by the Beach stage, workshops, music forums, jazz gallery, creative fringe stages and Sunrise at TSG (Tropical Spice Garden). Last year’s line-up includes American Idol finalist, Casey Abrams, Michael Schiefel and Carsten Daerr, Alison Burns and Martin Taylor, Jazzkamikaze, Freddy Cole Quartet and more.Many fans who give Flowers Malaysia to the artist.

Raisa Andriana Dengan Hunian Bergaya Eklektik

Lifestyle, telah merambah ke Trend tempat tinggal. Hunian Vertikal sekarang menjadi tren yang disukai beberapa eksekutif muda, tak terkecuali kelompok artis. Mereka lebih memilih tinggal di apartemen, dengan alasan  lebih dekat dengan lokasi syuting dan tempat kerja.

Desain_kamar_lucu_ala-_RaisaMenurut Artis Raisa yang merupakan pelantun lagu ‘Could it Be love’, Rumah dan apartemen masing –masing memiliki kelebihan serta kekurangan. Menurut artis dengan nama lengkap Raisa Andriani ini, Apartemen yang berada ditengah Kota sangat memudahkan mobilitas nya, lantaran dekat kemana-mana.

“Karena Ukuran nya yang kecil, menjadikan kita kurang nyaman berdiam lama di Apartemen”. Namun hal ini tetap ditanggapi positif oleh artis cantik Raisa, menurutnya hal tersebut justru membuat kita untuk tidak bermalas malasan di dalam rumah. Saat Ini Raisa sendiri Tinggal di unit apartemen daerah Jakarta Selatan.

Pertanyaan kembali dilontarkan kepada Raisa. Bila diberikan pilihan , lebih memilih Rumah atau apartemen ? “ saat ini saya menginginkan rumah yang berada ditengah kota. Tetapi kelak kedepan disaat saya sudah berkeluarga saya ingin rumah yang berada di tepi Kota, dikarenakan akan lebih tenang” Jawaban Raisa dengan senyuman manis nya.

Berbeda dengan banyak orang-orang yang memilih mode rancangan minimalis, Raisa lebih pilih jenis eklektik untuk tempat tinggalnya. “Saya tdk sukai rancangan minimalis atau satu tipe rancangan. Saya lebih sukai rancangan eklektik yang mencampurkan sebagian jenis rancangan, ” urainya.

Flower on Table supported by

Gaya eklektik merupakan istilah yang tidak asing ditemui dalam dunia desain interior. Umumnya gaya interior ini menggabungkan beberapa tekstur,tren, warna, masa (old & new), gaya (east & west), pola dan lain sebagainya. Gaya eklektik mengandung semua hal tentang bagaimana cara mengkombinasikan dan mencocokkan beberapa elemen yang berbeda seperti bunga demi menghasilkan dekorasi yang unik dan menarik. Hampir tidak ada batasan dalam gaya eklektik sehingga semua selera dan arahan desain yang ada bisa dipilih untuk diterapkan dalam dekorasi ruangan.

Lotus, Beautiful and Useful Flowers

Lotus (Nelumbo Nelimbium) is a plant of the family Nymhaeaceae often used as an ornamental plant because the flowers delivery  are beautiful and have fragrant scent. The leaves are wide and floats on the water surface, while the flowers are sticking out, very beautiful. Lotus was brought from India along with the spread of Buddhism. Hence, do you know that that beautiful and fragrant flower has efficacy as a medicine?

Almost all parts of lotus can be used as a herbal medicine. It contains some compounds which are efficacious for health. Singapore florist Among these are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, carotene, vitamin B1, B7, and C. For more details, please look at the description of the benefit of lotus:

  • Seed for diarrhea dysentery vomiting fever
  • Stamenforleucorrheaandenuresis
  • Rhizomeforfever, heartpain, anemia, andNeurosis


Lotus is very famous in China and even often used as food. Nutrients contained in lotus plant are very great. International flower delivery No wonder if the Chinese people have always tried to cultivate these plants become the preferred food and can be consumed easily. Lotus served in the form of the daily diet or as mixture for other food. Thus, these beautiful plants hold many benefits for human life.

Bunga mawar vs bunga bank ?

Bunga Mawar (2)Haii kaula muda jika anda seseorang yang sedang kasmaran kalau di tawarin mau bunga mawar apa mau bunga bank ?.

kamu akan memilih yang mana, jangan naif dan jawaban harus jujur ya.. Bunga mawar di identikan dengan lambang cinta yang abadi jadi ketika anda memilih bunga papan ehh maaf bunga mawar pasangan anda pasti akan berpikiran bahwa anda adalah seorang kekasih yang  benar – benar mencintai pasangan anda menilai karena hati nya dan benar – benar cinta, sebaliknya ketika anda memilih bunga bank mungkin pacar anda akan menilai kalau anda itu matrealistis dan hanya tertarik dengan kekayaan yang di miliki pasangan anda. tidak bisa di pungkiri seh hidup zaman sekarang tentu segala sesuatu selalu membutuhkan uang untuk mendapatkannya tanpa uang mungkin hubungan cinta anda bisa kandas gitu saja karena faktanya uang lebih dominan, dulu mungkin orang bisa bilang lebih baik makan sepiring berdua dari pada kehilangan cinta atau dengan kata lain lebih baik menderita untuk mempertahankan cinta, namun sekarang pribahasa itu sudah tidak berlaku lagi bahkan sekarang sering mendengar banyak orang yang bilang makan tuh cinta ketika ada sepasangn kekasih memperjuangkan cintanya yang hanya modal nekad.


Tap alangkah lebih baiknya ketika anda yang sedang kasmaran itu lebih bijak dalam mengartikan cinta ketika anda jatuh cinta maka pertahankan lah cinta itu dan perjuangkan sampai kehidupa anda layak dan siap untuk mengikat keseriusan cinta anda.

karena toko bunga mawar dan bunga bank saat ini kedua – keduanya sangat di butuhkan tidak bisa dipisahkan salah satunya.

Katakanlah bunga mawar itu adalah perasaan cinta anda dan bunga bank itu adalah modal untuk mempertahankan kebahagiaan cinta anda..


Flowers for the Zodiacs

online floristWhen you give flowers to someone, maybe you will consider her interest and favorite color. Hence, you often give the same kind of flower. Do you ever give flowers to a lover according to her zodiac? This is a new thing you can try so that your partner does not get bored with your gift. We are online florist begin with Capricorn whose characters are stable, serious, and high determination, you may give her African violet and Carnation.

Aquarius people have loyalty, commitment, and honesty and are suitable with pink orchid or Cattelya orchid which reflects beauty and uniqueness. For other zodiacs are as follows:

  • Pisces is famous for its generous. Flowers for Pisces are water lily and Alstroemeria.
  • Aries is the symbol of energy. Honeysuckle and tulips are proper for people Aries which is very enthusiastic.
  • Taurus is known for stubborn character. Lily flowers  bouquet will evoke a romantic and sensual side of the Taurus.


Gemini is very adaptable and it would be better with lavender. Cancer is the most emotional and Delphinium is perfect reflection. Leo is creative and attractive which is suitable with sun flower. Virgo is very smart and will be excellent with Daisy . Libra likes harmony and rose is good for her. Scorpio with strong desire fits with Chrysanthemum. Sagittarius is strong and intelligent in accordance with the philosophy of Narcissus.

Have Pleasant Vacations

weekend aWeekend could be the appropriate time so you might be clear of anxiety and despair for you to have some fun. There are numerous enjoyable things you can do if you prefer to possess breaks that are satisfying, like:

Choosing fishing. Does one like capturing bass? Or have you been proficient at fishing? Opting for fishing could be an exciting action to accomplish on weekend in case you reply yes. You can travel to sea, stream or ocean to find bass. In other hand should you be a rookie, you should realize that fishing wants endurance and attention. In case you don’t wish to experience bored, ask and visit fishing area that is great. Besides, ensure that you are doing this task in great climate like fly fishing lift, rod line and deliver full fishing features.

Putting BBQ celebration. This exciting exercise is advantageous to improve connection along with friends and your people. Before possessing this celebration, be sure that you make including purchasing wine at Flower Advisor that offers global flower delivery company all party desires nicely. Benefit from the occasion by communicating together and consuming. To generate this party so on, and fun, use particular designs, dread that is like, cowboy relaxed, consequently your entire visitors appreciate this occasion.

Strolling. Here is the easiest hobby that you need to do on vacations. This activity is advantageous allow you to be in the feeling and to burn calories. City park your home location. If wish request friends and family. Instead, you’ll be able to experience a cycle along with your friends.

Well, have a great time. :)

Personal Strategy Methods with Employees

talk privately2You may be certain the worker is just a useful resource for that organization. This is most since workers who provide efficiency for that company’s part and fundamentally the given’s efficiency has the capacity to supply the organization with advantages.

The advantages that might be acquired from the organization will be definitely increased by the most worker efficiency. Provided these problems it’s suitable that you simply like perhaps a individual who is exclusively accountable for the organization constantly encouraging feeling worker comfort or a chief may proceed to supply optimum efficiency. The secret?

You need to first perform a private strategy with each worker in order to inspire workers, obviously. Think about the methods that are easy do strategy that is individual with workers.

Asked to speak privately

Issues you certainly can do are to ask workers to speak privately. This problem is likely to be much perfect and more intense discussion. The communication’s content can be achieved about the two factors:

  1. Issues encountered. Request your workers what issues were experienced. Whether itis household problems, problems with monetary problems, partner, or any problems attempt work. Its purpose apart from to supply reassurance to remain offer that is robust, you are able to provide options or aid.
  2. His opinion. You may also find his viewpoint out about anything within this conversation. Hence, it acknowledged its lifestyle from the organization and had been extremely valued.

Providing a birthday surprise

Well, another action that may be completed would be to provide your workers to a birthday surprise whenever. It’s unavoidable hidden in his center that businesses very took him. This problem is unlikely to spark excitement for optimum in as well as energetic function. Presents you are able to share with the vacation as well as other workers or can be purchased in

Before Lebaran

Every Muslim highly likes lebaran (Idul Fitri) because this is a special day that is only celebrated once a year. To reach this day, Muslims must fast for 30 days first. Of course, this is so difficult to do because they will fight bad desire and appetite. This makes some Muslims often fail to fast for a month. Anyway, are you a Muslim? If you are, do you know what things that you should do before lebaran? Yup, you definitely do these:

parcel lebaranBuy lebaran parcel. If you want to visit your family members who are located in another area or city, you should bring hari raya hampers. You can buy these at professional and trustworthy stores, like Flower Advisor that offers high quality hari raya hamper with affordable prices. For instance, if you want to buy Chocolate Bliss, just spend for SGD 106.00 or if you need Flourish Celebration, get it for SGB 108.00.

Buy ticket. If you want to go to another city or country, buy ticket earlier. Why? Generally, there are Muslims who also want to go home. This usually causes long queues. Of course, you will waste much time on the way and might go home late at last. Because of this, buy ticket at least one month before going home.

Pay zakat. This is a must. You have to spare your income to share to poor people. It is not difficult because you just need to hand over 2.5 kg rice or money to the existing zakat committees. You can find these committees at Masjid.